'House and Relocation'- new solo exhibition in Timisoara

'House and Relocation'- new solo exhibition in Timisoara

A new solo exhibition by artist Sandro Bracchitta, named 'House and Relocation' and promoted by Diplomatic Art association, will be opened Thursday 5th April 2018 at the Pygmalion Gallery in Timisoara (Romania).

The show is part of a project launched in July 2017 starting from the idea of analysing the theme of the house related to migration through the analytical and inquiry tools of anthopology and the representative ones of art.

From this point the involvement of anthropologist Francesco Marano and Sandro Bracchitta has begun, who led off this interesting project with a trip based on the itinerary based on described by Francesco Griselini (1717-1787), the first cartographer of the Romanian region of Banat.

The research in fact has observed how the phenomenon of migration develops and is faced among the populations of South Italy compared to how it used to be in the past, in particular, in Banat which was already inhabited by Italian colonists in the XVIII century after new politics of geopolitical reassessment by Austria.

In November 2017 the gallery hosted a display based on the results of Francesco Marano's studies.

The exhibition in which Bracchitta's prints are the protagonists will include a site-specific: the wooden box used to send his prints from Italy will be placed on rollers so to carry it in the gallery.

The box is interpreted as an ark carrier of precious memories - embodied by a group of small houses in gold leaf which are iconographic subjects of Bracchitta's work - that in the moment is opened it reveals its power of remembrance and highlights the elements and the values proper of the human emotional dimension.

The houses will be placed in the gallery but one which will stay in the box: that way it is symbolically created a bond between what is hidden inside and the surronding reality.

At the same time a contrast is created between the action linked to reality, specifically the move which is associated to the leaving fromm our house, and the metaphysical dimension in wich the detachment from home does not happen because it is part of an interior reality.

The initiative is part of the events organized for the third edition (2017/2018) of the Diplomatic Art project and it has been organized by the namesake association in collaboration with the Italian Honorary Consulate of Timisoara to celebrate the 300 years since the birth of Francesco Griselini.