Incisioni/Prints: new solo exhibition in Modica

Incisioni/Prints: new solo exhibition in Modica

Sandro Bracchitta's exhibition opens on 22nd December at 6 pm at the Carmelitani monastery in Piazza Matteotti (Modica).

The exhibit is promoted by the Teatro Fondazione Garibaldi and it is curated by Paolo Nifosì and Tonino Cannata (catalogue by Salarchi Immagini).

Bracchitta shows more than 35 big size works, realized between 1997 and 2017, and a site specific installation.

It is the first time that the Teatro Fondazione Garibaldi offers a graphic art exhibition, a language which was started to be experimented at the end of 1400 and during the centuries has gone through many notable technical transformations.

At the art show it will be possible to appreciate and understand the creative process thanks to the display of the printing stages, from the sketch to the final print, and a video by the director Andrea Traina that shows the working phases in the studio of the artist.

Sandro Bracchitta has experimented a lot with this art technique, detaching himself from the traditional use of the black and white in engraving and so attracting the attention of international critics.

His research is on colour and substance: the organic forms are the ones that captures him; leaves, fossils and dry branches gain a new identity.

In the second half of hte nineties the bowl, the funnel and the calla lilies appear as forms that welcome, contsin and receive.

As a counterpart to the homogenous graphic and chromatic coats, the red and blue intervene indicating respectively the colour of the blood and the sky.

The last to appear on Bracchitta's papers is the house, as a container of life itself and apparently a safe place, made in red, white, iron and even gold patina; it is the safest and most precious place but just apparently because it can disappear and disintegrate.

The last works, realized in China during his staying of two months at the Guanlan Printmaking Base, combine all the forms already known with new materials such as aluminium plates and copper sulphate.

On the opening day at the Pietro Floridia auditorium in Piazza Matteotti, the exhibit will be presented by the mayor Ignazio Abbate, the superintendent of the Fondazione Garibaldi Tonino Cannata, professor Paolo Nifosì and art critic Loredana Rea.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday: 4 pm - 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10 pm - 1 pm/ 4 pm - 8 pm.

The art show is under the patronage of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo and the Fondazione Mastroianni of Arpino.