New exhibition in Arpino 'In the Breath of Time. Prints 1997 - 2017'

New exhibition in Arpino 'In the Breath of Time. Prints 1997 - 2017'


Saturday 28th July at 6.00 p.m. at the Castle of Ladislao in Arpino, headquarters of the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation and in which is housed the richest and most representative legacy of one of the most eclectic and brilliant sculptors of the 20th century and the memory of an entire family of artists, the Mastroianni, opens to the public In the Breath of Time, an exhibition that brings together a wide selection of prints created by Sandro Bracchitta between 1997 and 2017.

The exhibition, open until 14th October, curated by Loredana Rea, the art director of the Institution, offers the possibility to meet one of the most interesting Italian engravers, who, with expertise, has been able to renew the tradition of an ancient artistic language.

In fact, the works present themeselves as traces of a complex research, in which the chalcography represents the priviledged instrument of investigation and verification.

The engraved sheets are offered to the eye as a materialization of an intimate tale, in whose space everyone can find oneself.

On the paper surface the colors exalt one another, the lines are pulled together and the shapes are composed to build a dimension of refined elementatity and materialise the chords of a visual harmony, which develops beyond the threshold of present time.

It is a complex exhibition, which the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation has created in close collaboration with the Garibaldi Foundation of Modica to actualise the will of "networking" among institutions, but with the same goal: contributing to the production of projects related to the contemporary artistic research.

The result is a calibrated and very intense exhibit, in which the engraving is a trigger for an unstoppable mechanism of visual references and resonances, which suggest the need to accept the precariousness of life as the only condition to enjoy the fullness of the world.